Caldwell Limo Service 2014. Privacy Policy
We are an all in one limousine service which means we have a wide selection of high end limousines and can cater to a variety of needs. Our record in the luxury transportation industry is impeccable, and as a result, we have gained a reputation with our clients for delivering an excellent service every single time.
What To Expect From Our Chauffeurs
All of our chauffeurs are experts at what they do because of their wealth of experience and training. They are all certified limousine drivers who have handled some of our very important clients. What you can expect from them is professionalism, promptness and punctuality.
Furthermore, if you get comfortable with one of our chauffeurs, then we are flexible enough to allow you to use them every time as long as they are available, but even if they aren't, we believe all of our drivers can do an excellent job.
Why Hire A Limousine
For those of you that have never hired a limousine before and would like to know what uses they have, then here is a list of common reasons why our clients hire us:
  • Transportation to the airport
  • An occasion that is special
  • Take a tour of the city
  • Transportation to sporting events, concerts or the movies
  • Transportation to a wedding
  • Go for a memorable night out
  • Business meetings

These are just some of the reasons and there are many more, in fact, every time you need to travel somewhere doing it in a limousine is a great idea. You may find that after trying us out you will not be wanting to go back to standard taxi ride.
Why We Deliver An Exceptional Service

We are based in New Jersey and therefore know the local area very well. Additionally, if you live in New Jersey then we can easily move to your residential property at a short notice and within a very quick time period. Our drivers have knowledge of the areas that means they can take you anywhere you need to go without any misunderstandings.
Furthermore, the prices that we charge are modest compared to the rest of the industry, which means you will be getting value for the money you are spending. We are constantly upgrading our limousines to make sure we are the premier New Jersey limousine service in the local area.
Once you make a reservation with us, we will give you a confirmation call the day prior to the day you will be travelling with us. The point of this call is to make sure we get the details of your trip right so that you aren't going to be disappointed by being late for a flight or venue that you have planned.
Arriving in a limousine not only offers comfort, but it also shows a level of style and class that will make people notice you. So if you want to impress your friends and family arrive in a limousine and you will create a buzz from your arrival like no other.